Counter and Appliance Gap Eraser in Aluminum 1-1/4 in. x 20 in.


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Magic Counter and Appliance Gap Eraser bridge the gap between your appliances and countertop. The easy-to-install aluminum strip creates a flat surface that prevents food, water, grease and crumbs from falling between through the cracks. Simply drop into place. Covers both even and uneven surfaces. Completely removable, so it’s easy-to-clean too. Magic offers a line of many different bathroom accessories such as the Splash Guards, Splash Guard Kits, Squeegees, Shower Hooks, Tub Stoppers, Drain Strainers, Adhesive Damage Free Hooks, Bath Mats, Soap Dishes, Shower Baskets, Saetly Treads, Counter and Appliance Gap Erasers, and Wall Guard Patch. Prevent water from splashing out of your tub with the large, protective, easy-to-install Magic Splash Guard. Prevent water from spilling out of your tub or shower with the easy-to-install Magic Splash Guard Kit. For expert cleaning of shower doors and mirrors you need the right tools. Use Magic Squeegee to keep your bathroom glass spotless. For a simple, convenient option for hanging netted sponges, bath brushes and luffas choose Magic Shower Hook. Specially formulated, Magic products leave behind a transparent surface coating that repels dirt, water, and fingerprints to help surfaces resist stains. We have products and solutions for all types of surfaces in your home such as bathroom cleaning, bathroom accessories, bathroom repair, stainless steel, cooktop, furniture, leather, countertop, and around the home fixes.
  • Simple - easy to install aluminum strip creates an easy to clean flat surface
  • Diverse - can be used to eliminate gaps between stoves, washers and dryers
  • Strong - the gap eraser is heat resistant so it won't melt when placed by the stove
  • Tight fit -keeps food or other objects from falling into gaps between appliances
  • Removable and easy to wipe clean
  • Use with a variety of appliances
  • Aluminum, 1-1/4 in. x 20 in.