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The WORX 20V Hydroshot portable power cleaner is making cleaning fun again. With 5x the pressure (320 PSI) of a garden hose with a nozzle on it, you’ll blast mud out of tires, gunk off your deck or driveway, but you won’t strip the paint off the house. The Hydroshot is the perfect power cleaner, with just the right amount of pressure. And 5 settings on the nozzle let you dial all the way down to “watering” so you can take care of the plants when you’re done with the RV. The new bottle adapter makes it even more portable, so you can take your water anywhere with you. Or, you can drop the hose in a bucket, a lake, a pool, any fresh water source and only pull 0.53 gallon/min. And all this technology and power is packed into a sleek, lightweight (3.7 lbs.) form factor that anyone can pick up and use. The rechargeable 20V max Lithium Power Share battery can be used in any WORX 20V Power Share tool. And there’s a charger included, so you can go find something else to power clean tomorrow.